Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year

OK ...so we are starting a new year.  New Pres. and that is about it for me.  Haven't learned how to import, export, whatever, pictures yet.  One day soon my BFF will be on my doorstep and educate me, thats learnin' to my circle of friends.
We had a great New Years party....with the only friends we have.  But they are so much fun...we played a game and learned some interesting things about each other, some can't be mentioned ,
others can.  Some like drugs, some like massages, some want money, and by that I mean wealth!
No photos were taken,  do not understand that, Missy got a new camera for Christmas, apparently doesn't like to use it at my house, and of course my battery seemed to be dead.
Enough of the yakety,yak....We are leaving in the AM for Utah (if it snows I will be so po-ed).
My Dad is in the hospital, not getting better, so I want to go see him while he still knows me.
I will keep you all posted.


  1. Oh nice on the camera comment!!!Great party! Prayers for Daddy...love you long time.


  2. Hey! I just barely found your blog on carrie's Blog!!! I can show you how to put pictures on here! It's not too hard...Next time I see ya I'll do it.

    Love ya!!!!